Please note before reading that this post was written for a class, and the topic was assigned.


For anyone who has gone on social media in the past week or so,you know that the #merrychristmasstarbucks criticisms are flying. For those who don’t know what this is about I’ll give a brief summery. Starbucks has special cups for the holiday season and this year their holiday cup is simply a red cup without any type of design. Some Christians believe that this is a war on Christmas and that it is taking Christ out of Christmas.
Now on to my opinion on the matter. I honestly don’t care. The previous holiday cups never referred to Christ. They were more of holiday cups that Christmas cups from the beginning. Never was there ever a manger scene on them or anything that has to do with the Christian understanding of Christmas.
If Christians should be getting upset about something this holiday season, there are much better things to get upset about. Instead of wasting our energy on getting mad about things that are very petty, we should get upset and use our time to fix things that we can actually change in the world.