Split Image Response

Please note before reading that this post was written for a class, and the topic was assigned.

Social media tends to portray everyone in a positive light, but when a person looks at these posts too often, they can begin to think that is reality. When that person is struggling and all they ever see on social media is people enjoying their lives, they can begin to think that something is wrong with them since their life is not going exactly as they had planned it. This contoured reality has affected me. I had to drop a class and I was really embarrassed about it since everyone else has been doing fine in all of their classes. I was embarrassed since it is only my first semester in college and I was already failing a class. I knew that I needed to keep a 3.0 GPA for my academic scholarship or I would not be able to attend next semester, but I still felt that I was stupid and a failure for having to drop a class already. I decided to do it since I did not see that I had any other option. Social media has made people think that everyone else’s lives are perfect while this is not the reality of life. Everyone has struggles in life and everyone’s struggles are very real and hard to them. I do not like it when I tell someone one of my problems, and they think that I am kidding because they do not view that particular problem as a serious issue. In the article, the girl saw all of her friends’ facebook pages and only saw the positive aspects of their lives. I encourage everyone to be real with their friends so that everyone knows that they are not alone in their struggles.


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