Blog Response

Please note before reading that this post was written for a class, and the topic was assigned.


I read a blog post by Kathy Sierra titled “Trouble at Koolaid point”. This blog talks about how Kathy, the writer, was threatened when her internet posts began to draw the attention of other internet users.

Social media is becoming a more public place.People should not expect privacy with anything that is posted on the internet. Employers check potential employees’ Facebook accounts. Is this a bad thing? It could be! Especially in the case of Kathy Sierra. She was being threatened. If she, or anyone in the same situation as her had been applying for a job while these threats were going on, that person probably would not be hired. This is because the threats were not only to her, they were also to her family and friends. If a potential employer was looking at these threats, he or she may be scared for their own life and protect themselves from the “trolls” by not associating themselves with that person.

Social media is turning young people into bullies. Cyberbullying is much easier on the internet. In her blog, Kathy talks about “trolls” who are anonymous bullies. No one requires any proof of what they are saying. Everyone just takes their words at face value, without any proof. This hits me close to home since I was cyberbullied in junior high school. A girl who didn’t like me decided to start a roomer that I was a lesbian and that we were dating. Since she was popular, everyone took her words at face value rather than asking me if any of it was true. (It was not in the least bit true.) Some of my friends even tried to pressure me into admitting to the false statements. I hate it when people cyberbully. These statements that no one would have thought to say to me or about me if they couldn’t initially begin while hiding behind their computer screen.


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