Freedom of Speech as Christians

Please note before reading that this post was written for a class, and the topic was assigned.

Philippians 4:8-9 is sometimes used to tell followers of Christ not to talk about or even think about R-rated topics. Since these types of topics are discussed so often in today’s society, how are Christians supposed to live? There is no possible way for a person to never be exposed to sensitive topics. I think that it is actually important for Christians to discuss these topics. If as Christians we are never exposed to these topics, we will seem ignorant when someone brings up an R-rated topic. If Christians never think about these topics in community with other Christians, we will be more prone to take the world’s view of this type of content when we eventually become aware of it. Paul’s warning is to not become like the world in our thinking. These topics are impossible to dodge for the entirety of our lives and it is important that we learn to view these topics from a Christian point of view. Students should be exposed to these topics. It can be dangerous when a Christian is required to view pornographic material since lust will naturally occur. I do not think that students should be required to view this type of material, but here’s the thing, most people are exposed to pornography before their eighteenth birthday. If as Christians we pretend none of us have ever viewed it, we’re only lying to ourselves. If Christians want to view these topics in a Christian manner, we need to talk about it. It does not help anyone if Christians pretend we’re perfect. I’m not saying that Christians should view R-rated content, but if a Christian does view this type of content, they shouldn’t have to hide it. Yes, shame is a natural emotion, but when Christians never talk about these topics, it becomes something that people are afraid to admit. As Christians we should not encourage one another to view this type of content. However, we should be there and not judge people when they admit that they have fallen into the temptations of the world.


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